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For more than 30 years SMC has been supporting our SuperBlue Crampon design. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and this proven crampon has been officially retired.  This means parts are no longer available which includes replacement straps. We know that the loyal customers whom still wear these everlasting crampons will be equally saddened as we are but rest assured we will soon have a new even better design in the future. Our goal is to have a new SMC crampon which is worthy of the SMC brand name, 100% manufactured in the USA and designed to last as long as your favorite peak.

SMC is currently working on an entirely new Crampon which we hope to be available before the 2015 climbing season if not sooner. Keep an eye on the SMC facebook page for details to start trickling in at

If your looking for crampon straps you may send an email to Carl Heilman at and he will be able to help you for a limited time only.

Thanks for your many years of supporting the SMC and our SuperBlue Crampons.


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